Disable wp-admin redirect in Ghost CMS

As you can see, I have reworked my website using Ghost. Several months ago I have found a post at the Uberspace wiki and was already curious about the CMS based on node.js. I tested it but stayed with Wordpress for a while. About the weekend I was a little bit annoyed of Wordpress and its peculiarities so the decision has been made to change finally to Ghost.

Today I have checked my bookmarks and detected that my old wp-admin bookmark is still working. For several reasons I decided to disable this "feature" and also the redirects for admin, login, etc.

If you want to do the same, you just have to edit /core/server/routes/frontend.js and remove the following lines:

// redirect to /ghost and let that do the authentication to prevent redirects to /ghost//admin etc.
    router.get(/^\/((ghost-admin|admin|wp-admin|dashboard|signin|login)\/?)$/, function redirectToAdmin(req, res) {
        utils.redirect301(res, subdir + '/ghost/');

Save your changes to the file and restart Ghost. Now if somebody is trying to access wp-admin a 404 error will occur.

Dennis Lauton

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